About us

Founded in 2020, Apollo Entertainment is a premiere NFT consulting, curation, and production firm. Assisting artists and brands in the NFT space since early 2020, Apollo Entertainment was founded to further the non-fungible token space by bringing ethical, creator-focused business and industry advising and representation to creators, projects, and brands seeking to venture into the space.

We bring with us four years of NFT industry experience as well as legal expertise in the entertainment and intellectual property sector. We have helped launch artists such as the prolific Jose Delbo in the NFT space, helping them achieve a sustainable source of income through their digital art.

Through our relationships with the top artists, platforms, and collectors in the space, we can facilitate your adoption of this revolutionary technology for your projects, brands, or creation.


Apollo Entertainment offers consulting services to brands and artists looking to enter the NFT space


Through our in house NFT production studio we can provide a 360 solution

Our Services

Our goal is to make the metaverse accessible, we want to create solutions for an effortless future.