We specialize in creating immersive digital experiences using the latest technologies available. Whether it's to showcase a new apartment for sale remotely, interact with your friends in more engaging ways, educate on a topic, or provide gamified experiences, we have helped clients use augmented and virtual reality to offer unique experiences for their clients and communities.


Ombiia was an immersive conceptual theater created by Pico Velasquez. To understand how the space should work and feel, we created an interactive VR experience showcasing the virtues of the building by simulating different scenarios for which the building could be used.

Between 2017 and 2020 we created a vast array of VR experiences to emulate architectural spaces. Different brands and developers came to us to create a high-fidelity experience to sell, design, and inform their architectural projects.



Disney, Doritos, Sajú, and many other brands trusted us to create AR filters as a marketing tool to showcase their newest projects on social media. Utilizing tools such as Apple’s AR kit and Facebook’s Spark Ar we created fantastical interactive experiences.

In 2018 we created “El mundo gigante de Alpina”, an inmersive VR experience for Alpina, one of the bigest dairy, food, and beverage companies in Latinamerica.



The idea of this project was to explore VR as an educational tool. The experience shows how different species live at different depths of the ocean, through an immersive 360 video that tries to capture the magnificent atmosphere of the sea.