We are experienced in building high fidelity videogames including feature games, minigames and gamified metaverse experiences. This includes our first-of-its-kind blockchain enabled play and earn feature game Satoshi's Legions - The Battle For The Outskirts, which is currently under development.


“Satoshi’s Legions: The Battle For The Outskirts” will be a fast paced third person Roguelike RPG where players will battle enemies with their Avatars, earning experience, in-game boosts, NFT weapons, NFT materials, and other NFT items along the way.

Superforest was a gamified climate action mobile platform, with the purpose of collecting donations to save forests around the world through in-app transactions. For this project we created the art (models, environments, characters, animations) and game mechanics, keeping in mind all the technical obstacles of a high-end mobile game.



In 2018, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Alpina to create one of the first immersive VR video games in Latin America. There were two objectives with this experience: promoting Aplina’s chocolate milk product and placing the company as an innovative brand exploring the cutting edge of entertainment and marketing. The game was played by thousands of people in Bogotá, Colombia. For most of them, it was their first time using VR.